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Thomas Ichim

Chief Scientific Officer
Thomas Ichim is the Chief Scientific Officer of Venvalo Group. Dr. Ichim is a seasoned biotechnology entrepreneur who dedicated over 20 years to launching, growing, and realizing value of multiple biotech companies. When he was eleven years old, his mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. This catalyzed Thomas’ complete dedication to biomedical sciences, with emphasis on practical implementation of advanced therapies. Dr. Ichim is especially renowned for his advances in regenerative medicine and immunotherapy. Dr. Ichim has led both small and large scientific teams, business development, and general executive functions. He has been a Manager, Vice President, as well as President and CEO of emerging biotechnology startups and billion-dollar public enterprises.

Dr. Ichim’s success is reflected in strengthening the IP portfolios of various companies, as well as his abilities in addressing scientific, investment, and business communities have become important fundamental pieces of Venvalo’s Venture Value Optimization™ methodology. Dr. Ichim enjoys unique collaborative relations with the FDA, he has helped in clearing clinical programs for multiple drugs, biologics, and medical devices which have become a part of VVO methodology. This aspect helps Venvalo’s clients significantly expedite their development programs. Leveraging VVO methodology has helped Dr. Ichim contribute to achieving and realizing major value in private and public companies. Dr. Ichim has played an important role in achieving valuation increases ranging from dozens of percentages for mid-market firms (XON; HROW), to several thousand percent for multiple micro-cap enterprises (CELZ; TSOI; MEDS; RGBP).

Dr. Ichim holds a Ph.D. in Immunology and has published 121 peer-reviewed articles and authored 3 textbooks. He is the co-editor of the textbooks “RNA Interference: From Bench to Clinical Translation” and “Immuno-Oncology Text Book”. Dr. Ichim is an inventor of over 300 patents and patent applications. Dr. Ichim often speaks at scientific and business conferences, he also communicates through his highly popular Twitter account (@exosome) which has amassed a substantial following. He earned his BSc in Biology from the University of Waterloo. MSc in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Western Ontario. Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Sciences Arts and Technology, Olveston Monserrat.


Phone: +305 632 2939