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Growing out of several venture-based organizations founded in the early to mid-nineties, Venvalo Group was formed to create, enhance, and extract optimal value from emerging and micro-cap companies. Founders bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the new discipline of Venture Value Optimization.

Everything started in 1983 when young, newly arrived to the U.S., Dr. Reznik participated in his first IPO experience with high flying Teknekron ( Teknekron provided Dr. Reznik with both an opportunity to hone the art and science of building high valuation technology enterprise, as well as an ability of extracting that value through a liquidity transaction.

Over the years following, Dr. Reznik developed and applied the Venture Value Optimization MethodologyTM to significantly increasing clients’ valuations in multiple M&A and IPO transactions. He has also worked with a number of public companies in drastically increasing their valuations and trading volumes.

While Venvalo Group works with private and public companies in multiple industries, biotech in general, as well as Immunotherapy and regenerative medicine have specifically become its primary focus. It is of tremendous benefit that Venvalo group partners have hundreds of patents and peer-reviewed publications in those areas of biotech.

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