Venvalo Group
creates value from

The Venvalo Group creates value from the potential for emerging and mid-market companies through Venture Value Optimization. Venture Value Optimization involves implementing strategic initiatives that concurrently address all aspects of the enterprise, whether structural, financial, or operational. Results have shown that the Venture Value Optimization process can significantly impact an organization’s ability to create and maximize value.

Key Elements
Helping Emerging and Mid-Market Companies
  • - Innovative global strategies

  • - Market and customer driven sales processes and plans

  • - Performance based operations

  • - Highly effective leadership and management teams

Identifying Growth Opportunities for Companies
  • - Strategic partnership formation

  • - M&A

  • - Global expansion

  • - New markets and distribution channels

Guiding Companies Through
  • - Capital formation

  • - Equity and debt placements

  • - IPO, SPAC, reverse merger, and secondary offering

  • - Value optimization and exits

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Venvalo’s principals gained their experience by building and running successful companies, in addition to having held top managerial and executive positions in Fortune 1000 companies. Venvalo team members currently sit on boards or act as advisors to initial start-ups as well as public and private emerging and mid-market companies.

Venvalo Group partners with leading global financial institutions by evaluating candidates for funding and then by using Venture Value Optimization to ensure the candidate’s viability as a high value investment.

Following many years of success in the US, Venvalo has recently begun working with companies in the APAC, EU, and CIS. Venvalo is leveraging all of its considerable experience and expertise to transform these companies from having regional business values into global enterprises with values corresponding to the most efficient public market exchanges.

Venvalo Group, LLC has offices in Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, and Moscow, Russia. For additional information, please visit our website at www.venvalo.com or call us at (786) 388-0700.

Boris Reznik

Boris Reznik is the Chairman of Venvalo Group. During his career spanning four
decades, Dr. Reznik founded and built technology companies into market leaders,
managed high growth, profitable enterprises and successfully worked with both
Fortune 500 and emerging companies as clients and partners. He has been an investor 
or co-investor in multiple technology-based companies and has participated in
many public and private fundings and mergers and acquisitions of technology-based companies, ranging from millions to billions.